The TeX-Guy Project

New! TeX-Guy 1.3.2 is released! New!
Install TeX-Guy-1.3.2 and VFlib 3.6.14 today!

DVI files with PostScript fonts can be previewed/printed directly.
VFlib 3.6.10 and later contains an automatic vflibcap
(font definition database) file generator, named vflmkcaptex.


What is the TeX-Guy Project?

This project develops a set of TeX DVI previewers and printer drivers. The core software of this project is DVIlib, a device independent DVI interpreter. Using DVIlib, new driver programs are easily developed.

Open Source

TeX-Guy is distributed with all source code.

Structure of DVIlib-based dviware: [See Figure]

Screenshots and Demos


Documents on TeX-Guy

Sorry, we have no ducuments now...

Paper on DVIlib

DVIlib is a virtual machine for DVI instructions.


Bugs? Comments? Donation?

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