Build Instructions:
 1.  Download the zip file and unzip it into a directory named dvilib-win32
 2.  Download FreeType 2.2.1 source from 
 and unzip it into dvilib-win32/freetype-2.2.1. In other words, the 
 following directory structure must be present:
 3.  Open the dvilib-win32/dvilib/dvilib.sln file in Visual Studio.
 4.  Choose either "Debug" or "Release" as the build target, then build the 
 solution. The VFlib.dll and DVIlib.dll files will be placed in 
 dvilib-win32/build/debug or dvilib-win32/build/release, depending on the 
 target you chose.
 New Build Conditionals:
 define FREETYPE2 to use the FreeType 2 library, instead of FreeType 1
 define FONTROTATION to enable partial support for rotated text (using 
 graphics or graphicx package). Rotation at 90 degree increments works, 
 while rotation at arbitrary angles is still imperfect.
 define USECNFFILES to load the devmodes.cnf and papers.cnf file. (our 
 modifications do NOT define this, as our use of DVIlib doesn't require 
 these two files)
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