A Step-by-Step Guide for Installing VFlib 3.6

To install VFlib 3, following libraries are (optionally) required: FreeType, T1Lib, kpathsea. Install them before you compile VFlib 3. These external libraries are optional and therefore VFlib 3 can be compiled not to use such libraries. But in such a case, you cannot use TrueType, Type1 fonts and searching TeX fonts is very limited. So, I strongly recommend to use such libraries.

1. Installation of Kpathsea

2. Installation of FreeType

3. Installation of T1Lib

Some make program may not handle the Makefile in T1Lib. In such a case, try GNU make (gmake) to compile.

Installation of VFlib 3

Optional: Installation of TeX-Guy

Now, you are done.