Downloading VFlib

VFlib is distributed by the form of source code.
You must compile it and install by yourself. Read a guide for installation.

VFlib Version 3

The TeX-Guy Package

FreeType, T1Lib, ...etc.

To install VFlib 3, following libraries are (optionally) required. Install them before you compile VFlib 3. These external libraries are optional and therefore VFlib 3 can be compiled not to use such libraries. But in such a case, you cannot use TrueType, Type1 fonts and searching TeX fonts is very limited. So, I strongly recommend to use such libraries. See install guide for VFlib3 for detailed information for external libraries.


VFlib Version 2

for OS/2 users...

VFlib 3 and TeX-Guy packages are ported to OS/2 by Jun Sawataishi. See for details. (Written in Japanese)