Distributed Algorithm
Consider the system where there are a lot of computers communicating with each other: e.g., the Internet. In those systems, each computer has to interactively compute with other computers. We consider how each computer should operate interactively in the whole system. This is the research about the distributed algorithm.

Parallel Algorithm
Is it possible to reduce the computation time from 10,000 years (when using 1 computer) to 1 hour by using a lot of computers? In the area of parallel algorithm, we consider the problem like this. Generally speaking, it is the research about "solving a problem by working a lot of computers concurrently".

Computer Supported Education
We study how computer networks are available for the purpose of education. Since one prelects Information Engineerings on TV (in 1987), they think of lecturing with computer screens. This type of lecture has taken the place of traditional type of lecture, which teachers use a big board and a stick.